The MSU Global Day of Service

Registering Alumni and Friends Projects

The MSU Global Day of Service can only be successful with the enthusiastic participation of our service-minded alumni, alumni communities and their members, students, faculty, staff and friends around the world.

Spartan alumni communities are taking the lead in organizing group service projects around the globe. These projects are open to all Spartans who would like to make a difference in their community through the service activity.

The Los Angeles Spartans after a hard day of work at the MSU Global Day of Service.

Alumni Communities Service Project Creation

Creating a group service project is simple:

  • Check out our project planning guide for information to help you plan and execute a successful project.
  • Visit the Create a Project page to register your event.
  • If your alumni community is in a large metropolitan area, please consider creating multiple volunteer opportunities.
  • Visit the Project Coordinator Toolbox for materials to help plan and promote your event.

Volunteering for a Group Service Project

It is easy for people to serve with an alumni community.

  • Alumni, faculty, staff and friends should search projects to locate and sign up for a group service project near them.
  • Students are encouraged to volunteer for one of many service projects planned for the day by student clubs and organizations. Please visit the Students page for more information.

Corporate/Business Service Project Creation

If you are interested in setting up a service project within your place of business:

  • Consult with your HR department, direct supervisor or leadership team to see if there are processes, rules or regulations that are already in place for these types of activities.
  • If you work within a large corporation that has numerous locations, you may consider speaking to Spartans at those branches to coordinate efforts.
  • Since we anticipate most corporate/business service projects will be limited to employees and their families, register your project as an individual service project and name it with the organization's name in the title, e.g., "MSU Federal Credit Union Park Cleanup." The project lead will need to enter in the names and information for those participating. The project can be registered prior to all participants being added.

Individual Service Projects

If you already have volunteer plans on April 21, 2018 please let us know about them by registering your personal volunteer activities. We would love to showcase your efforts.

More Information & Additional Help

If you have additional questions or need more assistance, please check out our frequently asked questions. You may also contact Christopher Smith by email or by calling 517-884-1000.